The Beverly Deepe Keever Collection

Photos by Beverly Deepe Keever, 1968

Embassy Bombing

About three in the morning on January 31, as fireworks exploded throughout the city, a nineteen-man Viet Cong suicide squad in civilian clothes blasted through the wall surrounding the U.S. Embassy, situated near the office-residences of many journalists (except mine).

Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 190)

American Help

U.S. officials needed a new label to define their efforts to win the hearts and minds of the peole. The Americans adopted the term pacification, despite warnings that the French had used it to describe their domineering colonial and military approach to the villagers.

Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 51)


“The Armed Forces as a well-organized and best-disciplined strength will continue to assume the present leadership role until a stable democracy is built.”

Nguyen Van Thieu

Bev Keever Collection (Packet 98)

Air and Sea

After my Bien Hoa trip I assessed that allied bombing, rocketing, and shelling of province towns and cities created a highly explosive political backlash so significant that it risked offsetting the short-term military advantages gained by killing numerous Communist forces.

Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 196)

Aerial Photos

For the six years from the Americanization of the war in 1965 through 1970, the U.S., South Vietnamese, and allied forces woud expend 12.22 million tons of explosives. During one month alone in Vietnam, when the U.S. expenditure of munitions peaked in 1970, the 128,000 tons of air and ground explosives equated to the explosive force of 8.5 Hiroshima-size A-bombs, without the resulting long-lived radioactivity.

Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 154)

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