The Beverly Deepe Keever Collection

Photos by Beverly Deepe Keever, 1966

County Fair

With the new employment of ground and air forces, the U.S. role went through gradual metamorphosis. At the end of 1965 America was in a war it barely realized it had entered. The cold war had gone hot in the jungles of the Indochinese peninsula.

Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 276)

DaNang Harbor

The United States Navy’s largest single overseas shore command is headquartered in Da Nang, second largest city in the Republic of Vietnam. Its official title is U.S. Naval Support Activity, Da Nang.

Beverly Deepe Keever

Bev Keever Collection (Packet 127)

Thanh Hoa Bombings

Three days later Johnson ordered a much more deadly punishment. Sustained air attacks steadily intensified against North Vietnam. More than reprisals or retaliation, these air strikes were justified as a response to aggression from the North, but, as the Pentagon Papers point out, they were launched “as gradually and imperceptibly as possible.”

Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 142)

Operation Mastiff

Giant craters dotted the dense jungle when I joined ten thousand Australian, U.S., and South Vietnamese troops on Operation Mastiff in Feruary 1966. Enduring ninety-plus-degree heat that produced a sweaty lather on us, we were scouring the hundred-suare-mile jungled stronghold and a French rubber plantation known as Ho Bo Woods, which one GI dubbed the “Dogpatch of the Viet Cong.”

Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 152)

Miscellaneous Photos

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