Post-Ngo Dinh Diem Regime Photos


Khanh (1964)

Khanh on January 30, 1964, had launched a bloodless, internal coup against the military junta that just eighty-nine days earlier had overthrown Diem and his government. Khanh arrested the five top anti-Diem generals, ousted the civilian cabinet that they had installed, and empowered himself as prime minister and military strongman.

Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 123)

McNamara (1965)

As then secretary of defense Robert McNamara, a key architect of Kennedy’s policy, wrote later, the Vietnam War was to become “among the bloodiest in all of human history.”

Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 8)

Vice President Humphrey (1967)

Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey visited 1st Infantry Division headquarters ad Di An on Saturday, February 12 as a part of his current tour of Vietnam. Accompanying the vice president were high-ranking military and civilian officials including Ambassador Averell Harriman and General W.C. Westmoreland.

Beverly Deepe Keever

Bev Keever Collection (Packet 87)

Thieu (1968)

“The Armed Forces as a well-organized and best-disciplined strength will continue to assume the present leadership role until a stable democracy is built.”

Nguyen Van Thieu

Bev Keever Collection (Packet 98)

Huong (Undated)

“South Vietnam is not prepared for peace any more than it was prepared for war a decade ago,” one Vietnamese influential politician explained. And, as another added, “The question is whether Huong can unify the Vietnamese nationalists enough to prepare us for the luxury of peace.”

Beverly Deepe Keever

Bev Keever Collection (Packet 124)

Fishermen (Undated)

With war, the problems of the peasant throughout Vietnam obviously are greatly multiplied. His fate of being in the middle and racked and torn.

Jerry A. Rose

The Peasant is the Key to Vietnam, Bev Keever Collection (Packet 53)

Khanh (Undated)

“A year ago yesterday, Maj. Gen. Nguyen Khanh in his first swift, silent coup d’etat entered the Prime Minister’s Office with three stars, a modest black goatee and a reputation for being an expert poker player. Today, he sports four stars, a Genghis Khan goatee plus moustache and the winner of an important round of political gambling. A year ago, he was the frontman Prime Minister for other generals and political rivals; today he is the behind-the-scenes strongman officially named only commander-in-chief of the Vietnamese Armed Forces and Chairman of the powerful Armed Forces Council, which has now officially become a super-government making all key decisions in the anti-communist sphere of influence in Viet Nam.”

Beverly Deepe Keever

Bev Keever Collection (Packet 32)

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