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Montagnards (1962)

“Until the American soldiers arrived, as one of them told me, the Montagnards were ‘people who were born and died – and nobody knew or cared.'”
Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 78)

An Lac Airlift (1963)

Montagnards held to their separate culture of longhouses built on stilts and other practicies that reminded me of the walnut-hued tribesmen I had interviewed in Borneo in 1961.
Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 76)

American Aid (1965)

[T]he number of of U.S. troops began to soar from 20,000 for advising and support roles to 184,314 in combat by the end of 1965.
Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 144)

Seabees Photos (1967)

Was this a battalion of engineers? NO! A company then? NO again! It was a group of 13 men from the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Construction Forces designated as SEABEE Team 1007.
Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, Seabees News Release 63)

American Help (1968)

U.S. officials needed a new label to define their efforts to win the hearts and minds of the peole. The Americans adopted the term pacification, despite warnings that the French had used it to describe their domineering colonial and military approach to the villagers.
Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 51)

Lieutenant Colonel Ma Son Nhon (Undated)

I soon learned that the pacification effort had been hit hard. A U.S. official confided to me that in eleven provinces it had been set back “a minimum of six months.” A Vietnamese source agreed, saying, “The whole pacification program has been blown skyhigh.”
Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 53)

Special Forces (Undated)

The United States officially repudiated the anti-Buddhist crackdown moves and blamed Nhu for them. Widley considered to be the brains and the iron fist Diem relied on, Nhu controlled his own private CIA-funded and trained Special Forces troops and secret police, which had conducted the raids.
Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 107)

Train (Undated)

Diem also used substantial outlays of U.S. funds and materials to push viorously for economic development. He intended the province to showcase high-impact programs for fast rural development that might serve as successful prototypes in other provinces.
Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 48)

McNamara (Undated)

The 46-year-old Secretary believes a man who can not explain to him clearly and lucidly a subject probably does not understand the subject at all. One night in Washington he was helping his son with his mathematics. His son said he understood the problem, but could not explain it. “Then you don’t understand the problem at all,” his father replied. McNamara has put a premium on being articulate.
Beverly Deepe Keever

Bev Keever Collection (Packet 90)

US Aircraft/Aid (Undated)

The immediate and overriding United States objective in South Vietnam is to help the Vietnamese government and people resist and defeat the Communist insurgents. To achieve this goal, the United States provides two forms of assistance: military, administered by the Department of Defense, and economic, administered by the U.S. Operations Mission (USOM) of the Agency for International Development (AID).
Government paper for US Embassy in Saigon

Bev Keever Collection (Packet 92)

Hospital/Camp (Undated)

Besides missions and briefings, I took careful note of the humdrum camp activities so that I could make vivid the scene and conditions for readers half a world away. During the day the PX was open for drugstore items from 9 to 6, the post office from 7:30 a.m. on. Holes were being dug for a frame chapel near the mess hall, which served breakfasts of ham, eggs,and pancakes and dinners of mashed potatoes and meats.
Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 59)

Supplies and Equipment (Undated)

Viet Nam, where many consider the “war of the future’ is being waged, has become a testing ground — a playground for the Pentagon as it toys with research and development of new weapons and experiments with new tactics and techniques, re-fashions equipment designed for conventional warfare but now employed in counter-guerrilla action and prepares servicemen on how to better advise the Vietnamese.
Beverly Deepe Keever

Bev Keever Collection (Packet 57)

Santa Claus and Vietnamese Children (Undated)

Dear Mr. Jones:

Enclosed are color and black-and-white negatives of a Christmas party for Vietnamese orphans from an “orphanage without a name” given by American helicopter pilots and crew chiefs in Saigon.

The American GI’s took a day off from their fight against Communist Viet Cong guerrillas to entertain the orphans when they were half the world away from their own families.


Bev Deepe, Saigon

Beverly Deep Keever

Letter from Bev Keever Collection (Packet 29)

Martial Arts/Fight School (Undated)

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