GI Life Photos


American Troops (Undated)

“Suppose you lose your billfold in a dark place,” one Vietnamese provincial official explained. “But you insist on looking for it where there is light because it is easier. Well, you are now looking for the Communists in the light place — the military field — but you never, never find them all — they are also where you refuse to look.”

Beverly Deepe Keever

Bev Keever Collection (Packet 100)

Life in Vietnam (Undated)

I learned firsthand how the lives of Saigonese of all classes were being ensnared by the war. In one frightening experience I was awakened about three in the morning by police knocking on my front door demanding to view the identification papers of the live-in maid, Sinh. She had helped me for years, doing the cooking, cleaning, and laundry, but had no papers registering her as living at my place. As she was being carted off to the police station, I insisted on tagging along, staring at the haughty police official as we went by and fuming away in a dank room until Sinh was released the next morning.

Beverly Deepe Keever

(Keever, 177)

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